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Store-Safe Products

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  • Dangerous Goods Cabinets

    Dangerous Goods Cabinets

    Explore the Store-Safe range of dangerous goods cabinets and stores for all classes of dangerous goods including Class 3, Class 4, Class 5.1, Class 5.2, Class 6 and Class 8. Learn More.

  • Dangerous Goods Package Stores

    Dangerous Goods Package Stores

    Store-Safe Dangerous Goods stores are constructed in accordance with Australian Standards 1940. All come complete with emergency escape handle, extinguisher and spill absorption kit where applicable. They are ready for immediate use upon delivery. The storage of any dangerous goods or chemical storage in the workplace and their transportation is tightly regulated throughout Australia. Store-Safe’s premium range of chemical or hazchem storage cabinets, dangerous goods chemical stores and dangerous goods handling equipment meets and exceeds Standards Australia’s AS 1940. Laws and legislation surrounding the management of dangerous goods in the workplace are both extensive and complex. Feel free to talk to one of our trained consultants for advice and further information.

  • Safety Cans - Vents - Faucets - Grounding Wire

    Safety Cans - Vents - Faucets - Grounding Wire

    Products for the safe management of Flammable & Hazardous Materials and protection from accidential spills in the workplace.

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