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About Store-Safe

Store-Safe was established in 1988 following a simple question from a tradesman, How do I stop thieves from stealing our tools?

With $609.36 in the bank and working from home, Store-Safe's founder and Managing Director, Grant Breeze (then a security consultant) went about designing and building the first Store-Safe toolbox. With the tradesman's question in the back of his mind, Grant examined hundreds of tool boxes, found their weaknesses and built a unique tool box prototype: no exposed hinges, strengthened steel and a unique locking mechanism. The patented theft deterrent features of the boxes held Store-Safe in good stead with tradesmen and the boxes sold slowly: one or two a week.

Twelve months later Grant took his tool box to a trade exhibition. On the first day, visitors challenged Grant's box saying they could easily break into it. On the second day of the exhibition Grant asked one tradesman who challenged his boxes how would he open the box? "Simply jimmy the lid of the box open with a pinch bar" he said. Grant asked him to choose a box, he then put a thousand dollars in the box, closed and locked it and gave him a metre long pinch bar and told him, "If you can open the box in five minutes the money is yours". Needless to say he never opened the box. Grant used that example for the rest of the exhibition and used that same box for five other exhibitions with the thousand dollar offer. In fact that very same box was sold to a large plumbing firm that still uses the box on building sites today! So began Store-Safe's reputation as Australia 's premier safe custody box and stores manufacturer.

More than just tool boxes.

Store-Safe's distinctive bright yellow toolboxes and site boxes soon became a regular sight on building sites and on tradesmen's vehicles. When a building site was raided by thieves they broke into other toolboxes except Store-Safe's, and on many occasions the Store-Safe boxes would not have so much as a scratch on them. The boxes proved themselves over and over again, but the market wanted more.

Ex sea going freight containers were widely used as portable storage buildings but they were easily broken into. They were cheap to buy or hire and often led to very expensive losses of tools, equipment and materials. In 1989, Store-Safe's developed its safe custody storage buildings when a major national hire company was having serious problems with theft from sea containers, which they had hired to clients. After receiving their first building, the hire company placed an order for an additional twenty stores, many of which are still in service today. Apart from hire and construction companies, Government Departments such as SRA Track Maintenance, RTA, Sydney Water and NSW Police, to name a few, put their faith in Store-Safe's security these buildings and continue to do so today.

Store-Safe's reputation of quality, innovation and a recognition of a widening market for his products saw the birth of a range of larger and more specific stores. A unique example of the company's innovation was the development of the relocatable outdoor dangerous goods store. Used for the storage of dangerous hazardous substances, this product eliminated the need to construct an expensive bricks and mortar building to house bulk substances in the workplace. Conforming to the relevant standards and regulations the outdoor dangerous goods stores were embraced by insurance companies, risk assessors and WorkCover Accredited Consultants. With their robust construction and over-engineering Store-Safe's stores become highly regarded.

In the mid 1990s Store-Safe became a distributor for the best manufactured and most serviceable cabinets: the Pratt range of safety equipment products. Store-Safe is now Pratt's leading distributor and the only company authorised to carry out servicing of their products. Store-Safe's portfolio of products now include a full range of tool boxes, site boxes, multi-purpose cabinets, gas and aerosol cages, dangerous goods stores, relocatable secure storage site offices, spill protection equipment, decanting systems and even industrial safety signage. In addition to the company's extensive range of products, they can also purpose build a facility to a client's requirements and specifications.

Since 1988, one thing has never changed: a commitment to quality, service, innovation and the manufacture of premium products
Store-Safe's product range is manufactured to a perform task. The cost of research & development, construction and service infrastructure does result in a premium purchase price. However, the growing number of Store-Safe customers compare cheaply  made, badly designed imported boxes and buildings and ultimately choose Store-Safe. Store-Safe is the only manufacturer who can service it's products and offer a complete range of spare parts. This is also backed-up by a rigorous Quality Assurance program guaranteeing product quality.

Our people.

Store-Safe has a small number of loyal employees. To achieve this an open management plan allows staff to voice their opinion and financially reward them after the branch has reached its monthly sales budget. Each staff member is responsible to the other for the performance of the branch; each branch manager is responsible for the marketing direction and the general day to day business. All are responsible for the sales budget and the profitability of their branch. Store-Safe has a centralised accounts office in Sydney , releasing the managers and salesmen from accounts payable and receivable, to concentrate their efforts on marketing. To keep them in the picture in regarding their branch, they are sent end of month reports' and any other information they require.

A bright future.

It is an unfortunate fact that theft, damage and pilfering in the workplace will continue, however Store-Safe's success is underpinned by shrewd organisations and individuals that recognise and invest in the protection offered by Store-Safe. In addition, the increasing awareness for OH&S and recent revisions of legislation and Australian Standards for the storage of hazardous materials in the workplace add further weight and confidence for Store-Safe's future The company continues to evolve with the research and development of new products and services, investment in its people and facilities. However, one aspect of the company's success has never changed: to provide a premium product that does not compromise quality of manufacture and service.

On 21st September 2018, Store-Safe was acquired by Trafalgar, an Australian owned company supplying unique and innovative fire containment, safe storage and building access solutions. No major changes are planned for the business in the short term and we will continue to work hard to ensure that you receive the high level of service and product knowledge that you have come to expect over our 30 year history. 

In addition to the same great range of products that Store-Safe has supplied you in the past you will now also be able to benefit from faster fulfillment of orders on a wider range of products, including Trafalgar's patented innovations in dangerous goods cabinets.