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  • 240 lt Oil Fuel (Hydrocarbon) Spill Response Kit

    Model No: ES - SK240H

    This absorbent is 100% polypropelene and will absorb only hydrocarbon-based liquids, such as diesel, solvent, hydraulic oil, avgas, etc. It will not absorb water (hydrophobic). It will, in fact, float on water and remove hydrocarbons from the surface. Designed for use in boats and marinas or anywhere hydrocarbon-based liquids are stored, transferred or used near water.


    External Length 590 mm
    External Height 1080 mm
    External Depth 740 mm
    Mass 40 kg
    Capacity 240 litres


      40 x Poly (oil only) heavy weight - dimpled spill pads 48cm x 43cm.
      2 x Polypropylene absorbent socks 1.2m x 75mm.
      2 x Polypropylene booms single skinned with clips 3m x 125mm.
      1 x Poly (oil only) pillow 45cm x 45cm.
      2 pair Nitrile gloves.
      7 x Contaminated Waste Bags 450mm x 720mm.
      1 x spill kit sticker.
      1 x spill kit instruction sheet .

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