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  • IBC Spring Tilt Dispensing Pallet - Metal

    Model No: RT-IBC-1250

    The RT-IBC-1250 spill bin + spring tilter has been designed to effortlessly and without intervention allow full discharge of liquid from an intermediate bulk container while offering environmental protection against spillage. As the volume of liquid contained in the IBC reduces the spring mechanism of the tilter will raise the rear of the container up to 10 degrees

    The spill bin beneath, which is incorporated with the tilter, prevents the possibility of spillage. A minimum spill capacity of 1250 litres allows for conformance with Australian Standards for containment of min 125% of the 1000L IBC contents. A drain plug is fitted to the front of the spill bin to allow easy emptying of any contained liquids

    The spring tilter frame allows the IBC to be in a raised position above the spill bin grating, useful for decanting directly from the IBC, or for allowing easy access for a hose couplings to be attached to the drain valve

    Long life and cleanliness is guaranteed by the zinc finish

    Fork pockets are fitted to the spring tilter for convenient forklift movement if wishing to separate the spring tilter from the spill bin. Fork pockets are also fitted to the spill bin for safe forklift  transport over uneven ground

    The spring tilter is supplied with a single spring which is suitable for most applications, but can be easily adjusted to suit the weight of heavier metal construction IBC’s  by simply adding an additional spring


    • Working Load Limit 2000kg
    External Length 1450 mm
    External Height 840 mm
    External Depth 1450 mm
    Mass 300 kg
    Sump Capacity 1250 litres

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