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Store-Safe Products

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  • Spill Pallets

    Spill Pallets

    Enpac's range of high density polyethylene pallets are ideal for the relocation and tempory storage of hazardous liquids within the work place.

  • Work Station Pallets

    Work Station Pallets

    2,4,6 and 8 drum workstations catch incidental spills. The low profile optimises space and helps improve safety and efficiency. Use independently or link together to create your own work space.

  • IBC Storage and Dispensing Pallets

    IBC Storage and Dispensing Pallets

    Enpac's IBC 2000i spill containment unit make intermediate bulk containment easier.The integrated pail holder also helps make dispensing easier and safer. These products are generally for the tempory storage of dangerous goods, for additional information consult the relevant Australian Standards related to the substances.

  • Portable Bunding

    Portable Bunding

    Portable bunding offers a safe tempory storage solution where potentially hazardous chemicals are being stored. Erected in seconds they can safely contain tanks/drums that may be damaged during loading unloading operations or decanting.

  • Drive-Over Bunding

    Drive-Over Bunding

    Drive-Over Bunding is an ideal way to create secure bunded areas in workshops, liquid storage areas and across warehouse doorways.

  • Mobile Dispensing Carts and Dolly's

    Mobile Dispensing Carts and Dolly's

    Mobile dispensing solutions provide more flexibility in your workplace. The Poly-Dolly includes a large containment area for protection against major leaks or spills.

  • Dispensing


    Safer dispensing and storage. Choose from a selection of dispensing solutions - from smaller drums, 205 litre drum and IBC larger container dispensing stations complete with containment areas.

  • Drain and Stormwater Guard

    Drain and Stormwater Guard

    Drain Filter's are an effective solution parking lots, vehicle storage, service areas, construction sites and industrial plants where oil and soilids are carried into the storm water drain system.

  • Salvage Drums

    Salvage Drums

    Enpac Poly-Overpack Salvage drums meet Group 1 packaging and Salvage Drum regulations. 100% polyethylene construction makes them ideal for the transportation and storage of a wide range of hazardous materials. Available in various sizes.

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