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Store-Safe Products

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  • Storage Can

    Storage Can

    Safety cans and containers offer safe storage for flammable liquids for workplace environments. With the use of safety cans, accidents and fire risks are minimized, protecting people and resulting in a safer workplace. Safety cans and containers are designed with safety codes in mind to meet a variety of different safety regulations.

  • Dispensing Cans

    Dispensing Cans

    The patented manifold and proportional flow-control Safe-Squeeze® trigger provides you the means to regulate the flow rate when handling flammable liquids. Fill port with ergonomic lift lever makes filling easy. Flexible 229mm long metal hose spout helps control the pour into small openings.

  • Transport Safety Cans

    Transport Safety Cans

    Compliant with regulations for over-the-road transport of flammables is simpler with D.O.T. Compliant AccuFlow™ Safety Can — ideal for remote gas-fueled equipment.

  • Laboratory Safety Cans and Dispensing Bottles

    Laboratory Safety Cans and Dispensing Bottles

    Steel Laboratory Safety Cans have all the benefits of the Type I cans. Added features make these the choice of lab professionals for safely dispensing hazardous liquids into test tubes, small flasks and beakers.

  • Bench - Plunger - Swab Pail and Cans

    Bench - Plunger - Swab Pail and Cans

    Safety Plunger Cans and Bench Cans are ideal for cleaning with flammable or volatile fluids. They feature brass flame arrestor dasher screens and pump assemblies and comply with OSHA standards. When the dasher plate is pushed down, the safety can dispenses a small amount of liquid to easily moisten sponges or rags without messy or dangerous spills. Polyethylene and coated metal models available. FM approved.

  • Oily Waste Cans and Drum Covers

    Oily Waste Cans and Drum Covers

    Provide for safe, temporary disposal of flammable soaked rags or wiping materials. Guard against spontaneous combustion. The Series 1400 Oily Waste Cans open to a full 60º with slight pressure on the foot peddle. Cover closes automatically when foot is removed. Features ventilating air holes in raised bottom.

  • Dip - Cleaning Wash-Rinse Tanks

    Dip - Cleaning Wash-Rinse Tanks

    FM approved dip tanks and wash tanks for cleaning small parts and sub-assemblies; benchtop or free standing rinse tanks for cleaning larger parts

  • Waste Liquid - Drain Cans and Funnels

    Waste Liquid - Drain Cans and Funnels

    Easily and safely collect used solvents from parts washing equipment with a drain can. Wide-mouth funnel catches drainage with no spill, no mess. Removable funnel is plated steel. Built-in flame arrester keeps fire from contents. A 3/4" threaded plug allows safe disposal of waste liquids from the drain can into a permanent receptacle. Optional drain can cover fits on top of funel to keep out dirt.

  • Faucets


    Store Safe provides safety drum faucets, flexible hose extensions for safety drum faucets and self-closing viscous liquid drum valves.

  • Drum Vents

    Drum Vents

    Products for the safe management of flammable and hazardous materials stored in drum containers.

  • Bonding and Grounding Wire

    Bonding and Grounding Wire

    Provide effective grounding to discipate static electricity generated during transfer of flammable liquids. Convenient means for complying with OSHA requirements for protection against static sparks.

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