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  • 250 kg(lt) Corrosive substance storage cabinet

    Model No: TCCSS250L

    Our Corrosive Substance storage cabinets are built to the highest quality standards in the industry and made in Australia. They meet or exceed the stringent AS3780 criteria, providing safe storage at convenient locations close to the job. Storage of dangerous substances in the workplace is governed by standards and regulations designed to limit the risk of fire and explosion associated with these substances. Compliance is mandatory under legislation in all states and territories.

    Please note: This cabinet is designed for the safe storage of corrosives in sealed and closed containers. Good housekeeping practices are essential to ensure long service life.


    External Width 1115 mm
    External Height 
    1830 mm
    External Height with feet
    1930 mm
    External Depth 525 mm
    Internal Width 1015 mm
    Internal Height 1580 mm
    Internal Depth 475 mm
    Mass 187 kg
    Capacity 250 kg/lt


      Fabrication in 1.2mm zinc coated steel.
       Double walled.
       5 point shelf support.
       Sequentially closing doors.
       3 point locking and an earthing point.
       All cabinets are supplied complete with signage as specified in the respective Australian Standards.
       Including the class of goods and the maximum capacity of the cabinet.
       AS3780 specifies a maximum of 50 kg/lt of Package Group 1 and 250 kg/lt of Package Group 2 corrosive substances.
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    AS 3780 Standards compliance certification

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