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  • 110 kg(lt) NON-METALLIC Corrosive Substance cabinet Segregated compartment UNDER BENCH

    Model No: 5540PSPH

    Safe and Segregated for the convenient storage of acid and alkali substances in the workplace. Fabricated from solid 19mm corrosive resistant High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This cabinet is divided into two separate compartments by a central dividing wall with a liquid tight seal. This provides separate storage compartments for both acids and alkalis. Compliant with Australian Standards (AS3780) and regulations, it is ideal for highly corrosive chemicals which are unsuitable for storage in traditional metal cabinets. Tested to AS1530.3-1989 and complies with Building Code of Australia C1.10 for fire hazard properties. Chemical resistance tested by C.S.I.R.O.


    External Width 1000 mm
    External Height 770 mm
    External Depth 600 mm
    Internal Width
    2 x 470 mm
    Internal Height 580 mm
    Internal Depth 565 mm
    Capacity 110 kg/lt


      High Density Polyethylene Plastic central dividing wall doors and shelves.
      Assembled using external stainless steel screws.
      Acid resistant sealant.
      Rebate finish in all panel joints for added strength.
      110lt cabinet supplied with 2 shelves.
      Extra shelves available Part No. 5540P-29.
      Independent self closing double doors with spring loaded hinges.
      Self latching handle.
      Supplied with set of decals 1 x ACID & 1 x ALKALI to apply to doors.
      150mm deep liquid tight sump in each compartment.
      Venting kit supplied but not fitted.
      Conforms to AS 3780-1994.
      Packaged on wooden skid for ease of handling.

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    Certificate of Aust Standards compliance

    CSIRO Chemical Resistance Test report

    Statement of Warranty

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