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Store-Safe Products

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  • Tool Boxes Site Boxes Security Cabinets and Stores

    Tool Boxes Site Boxes Security Cabinets and Stores

    Safely secure valuable building materials, fittings, equipment, tools and machinery using Store-Safe storage boxes and cabinets. See our products.

  • Dangerous Goods Stores Cabinets and Safety Cans

    Dangerous Goods Stores Cabinets and Safety Cans

    Store-Safe dangerous goods stores cabinets and cages are constructed in accordance with Australian Standards (Flammable liquid 1940; Flammable Gas 4332). They are ready for immediate use upon delivery.

  • Gas and Aerosol Storage

    Gas and Aerosol Storage

    The storage of gas cylinders and aerosol cans in the workplace is regulated by local and state governments around Australia. The incorrect storage of these dangerous goods can result in large fines and legal costs. Store-Safe’s range of storage solutions for aerosol class 2, LPG and gas cylinders offers increased safety in the workplace. For more product information and technical specifications on Store-Safes range of gas and aerosol cages and stores simply click on the product range below.

  • Spill Protection

    Spill Protection

    It is the responsibility of all Australian workplaces that store any dangerous or hazardous liquid to have spill containment and spill responce & control practices as well as spill kits and absorbents in place. Store-Safe offers a range of emergency spill kits and absorbents for any workplace application. Products for the containment and absorption of spills of dangerous liquids are readily available from our Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne offices. Replacement following a spill is handled as a priority. Simply click on the category below for further information and technical specifications.

  • Safety Signs

    Safety Signs

    Our Safety Sign online store has just launched. Huge selections of safety signs for you to choose, pay via Secure Paypal. $20 Australia-wide flat rate delivery for up to 5 products.

  • Showers Eye Face Wash and spare parts

    Showers Eye Face Wash and spare parts

    Store Safe Showers and eyes face wash combination systems as well as eye face wash and eye wash facilities are the next generation in workplace safety. Australian designed and made, the superior features of the emergency deluge showers include, sturdier construction, greater water use effieciences, models for every application, a full product support package, ISO 9002 certification and ANSI Z358.1 compliance all at competitive prices. They come as a separate unit, combinations or complete.

  • Material Handling Equipment

    Material Handling Equipment

    Designed to allow easy movement of heavy loads around work site.

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