Security Tips for Christmas Shut-Down

Security Tips for Christmas Shut-Down

Building sites, workshops, warehouses and factories become targets for theft and damage during the Christmas and New Year shutdown period.

Unless you have 24 hour (alert) manned security, illegal entry is relatively simple. On-site tools, equipment and building materials are easy prey to most thieves. In fact, most thieves already know what you have and how to get it.

Here are a few preventive measures to consider:

Check Security
Make sure that all entry points are secure and that your alarm and CCTV systems are in good working order. Inform your alarm monitoring centre and local police of the close down period. Give them your current call out details, a list of approved sub-contractors, times and dates they are allowed on site. 

Inform Staff
Your staff are always your most important asset – but this is particularly true during the holiday period. If you are going away while the business is still open, make sure that your staff have all the information they need. You might need to leave keys, access codes, contact numbers, and so on.

Additionally, if a member of staff will be the last to shut up shop before the Christmas break, make sure that they know how to operate security systems and lock doors for all access areas.

Neighbourhood Watch 
Where practical, consider arranging a roster with neighbouring businesses to check on empty premises when owners are away or encourage neighbours to report suspicious behaviour. A gift of beer or wine may help the neighbour’s interest in your site while you’re away. 
Inform Suppliers 
Suppliers should be told of the closedown period and not to deliver goods and materials. You would be surprised how many deliveries are made after the shutdown date. 

Secure Storage
Store tools and materials appropriately in a secure compound area that is well lit and visible. Not hidden down the back in an obscure dark place that offers protection to the thief.

Not all tool storage solutions are made equal, watch this video to see how the theft deterrent features of a Store-Safe Site Box protects your tools better than any other product on the market.


Check Insurance
Make sure that you understand the terms of your insurance policy. Remember that there may be exclusions concerning the number of days that the premises can be empty. Similarly, remember that you may be obliged to carry out maintenance tasks in order for your policy to remain valid. Make sure that you read your policy documents and, if you are in any doubt, contact your insurer. 

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