Help Emergency Services Help You

Help Emergency Services Help You
With the current fire situation devastating large expanses of Australia, we reflect on what practices we need to implement in our business operations to ensure the safety of our staff and property.

In an emergency situation, be it in a fire or chemical spill scenario, emergency services accessing your premises need to have easily accessible Emergency Information. This may include:

  • Site map or building layout 
  • List of hazardous chemicals and where they are stored
  • Safety data sheets 
  • Key personnel details
  • Safety systems
  • Fire Equipment records
Storing emergency information in a purpose built Emergency Information Cabinet not only makes it easier for Emergency Services to execute an effective response plan, it also gives your key staff a central repository of all safety information, including evacuation plans, manuals and logs.

The Trafalgar Emergency Information cabinets have been designed and manufactured in Australia, from 1.1mm powder-coated steel, and feature heavy duty hinges, internal document holder and a 003 combination lock compatible with all emergency services.

The Emergency Information cabinets are available in two standard sizes, but can also be custom made to any size to suit requirements.


Avoid a frantic scramble during an emergency situation, and prepare, organise and store your emergency information in a Trafalgar Emergency Information Cabinets.

Download the datasheet here and contact us for quote on 1800 888 714.