Eliminate Fire Stopping Compliance Issues: Fyrebox

Eliminate Fire Stopping Compliance Issues: Fyrebox
Many builders and developers across Australia come to Store-Safe for their safe storage requirements, however, many are not yet aware that our sister company, Trafalgar Fire, can also provide them with passive fire solutions.

A fire stopping solution that provides an easily certifiable and visibly compliant system is Trafalgar's patented Fyrebox, which delivers many benefits to builders, developers and their trades! 

Smaller Footprint

Trafalgar’s Fyrebox™ systems reduce the space required for fire proofing service penetrations, allowing more flexibility for design and creating more available net floor areas for use, therefore increasing sale value and potential profit.

Acoustically rated

Trafalgar’s Fyrebox Slab-Mounted system is acoustically rated for RW50 when installed above ceilings to comply with Section F5.5 of the NCC 2019. Trafalgar’s unique, high quality intumescent foam plugs not only protect from smoke and fire, they also serve as acoustic protection, which is crucial for apartments, nursing homes and hotels.

Streamlined co-ordination of trades

Co-ordinating trades on site can be a handful, so imagine if you had the penetration systems built into the walls and floors that provide what is essentially a ‘fire rated hole’ so all the trades need to do is run their services as they were trained to do? 

Trades no longer need to fire stop their own service penetrations and can complete their installs without getting in each other's way. The Fyrebox Slab-Mounted can be mounted before the walls are erected, so trades can run their services without waiting on plasterers to finish putting up walls on each level of the project. The Fyrebox Cast-In gets poured into the floor slab, creating a single fire rated opening, so trades do not need to wait for core drilling of penetrations.

Fast Installation

Whether mounting the Fyrebox Slab-Mounted on to the ceiling slab above apartment entry or casting in the Fyrebox Cast-In onto the formwork, Trafalgar Fyrebox systems are fast, quick and easy to install for any trades person. Trafalgar provides comprehensive training and reference videos to ensure that the installs are completed correctly, avoiding compliance issues. 

Compliance made visible

With over 100 hours of recorded fire testing to strict Australian standards (AS1530.4-2014) Trafalgar’s orange Firebox range of products are easy for certifiers to locate, identify and certify. Trafalgar’s Fyreboxes have been tested completely full of services and completely empty, so the fire assessment report allows for any quantity or configuration of approved services to be run in each Fyrebox. The Fyrebox system eliminates common compliance issues associated with proximity of services. 

Less documentation required

Having a building designed with Trafalgar’s Fyrebox™ systems will reduce the documentation required for handover, as a single Fyrebox™ can do the job of 5-10 separate penetration systems - only without the defects! 

Watch the videos here , explore the Fyrebox range here or give us a call on 1800 888 714.