Case Study: Waste Oil Recycling Store at Randwick Council Recycling Centre

Case Study: Waste Oil Recycling Store at Randwick Council Recycling Centre

The Store-Safe Waste Oil Recycling Store has been in use at Randwick Council Recycling Centre for the last two years as a safe method of dealing with waste oil brought into the centre by the general public.

Last week we visited the centre to talk to the staff about this store. Staff advised they simply pour waste oil brought to the centre into the bund and activate the pneumatic pump to transfer it to the safe overhead reservoir.

The capacity gauge indicates when the storage reservoir is reaching capacity and staff call their recycling partner who safely connects to the reservoir male connection to efficiently pump to a recycling tanker.

Alternative methods include storing waste oil in the containers the public supplied in a storage cage for later disposal. Staff displayed in practice, as shown in these images, the containers are often inadequate for safe storage with deposits brought to the centre in containers such as milk containers and open buckets.

Temporary drum storage can expose large volumes of flammable oil to dangerous storage conditions.

The Store-safe Waste Oil Recycling store offers a complete safe solution for facilities managing waste oil including a fire extinguisher and emergency spill management kit. The all weather steel construction with slopping roof provides the option of a stand alone outdoor unit.