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aerosol storage

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12-Aug-2011 05:11 AM


Posts: 1

Need to know storage req, for aerosol class 2 and 3 can it be stored near food grade products

16-Aug-2011 11:04 AM

Dick Benbow

Posts: 3

Dick Benbow
Hi Gabby,
To enable us to help you further you will need to advise the quantities of aerosols ,the Class 3PGI and PGII flammable liquids that are involved as the discision making process is complex.
Aerosols and flammable liquids are able to be stored together but depending on the quantity of aerosols these may need to be in a caged area.
The area used for storage of the aerosols and flammable liquids has to comply with AS 1940-2004.The quantities involved determine the design requirements.
I would not store food grade products with aerosols and flammable liquids as a practice but as the details of your situation are not known there may be circumstances where minor quantities are involved and the flammable liquids -if for example  flavourings are being used in manufacture of a food grade product these cicumstances would be different.
If your enquiry involves just warehousing then I would not be storing food grade products with these two dangerous goods unless I had safeguards in place to prevent my food grade products becoming contaminated during a spillage for instance.
I hope this helps you,
Dick Benbow