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1000L IBC Storage in the workplace

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04-Oct-2013 02:58 PM

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We have 4 different class 8 chemicals that we store on site in 1000L IBCs.

At any one time there are, on site:

up to 2 x Sulphuric Acid 34%
up to 2 x Caustic Soda 31.5%
up to 2 x Sodium Bisulphate 40%
up to 4 x Sodium Hypochlorite 10-30%

1 of each chemical's IBC is plumbed directly into our machine at all times during operation.

I am currently evaluating and improving the storage of these chemicals.

My understanding so far is that the sodium hypochlorite and caustic soda are compatible and can be stored together, sharing a bund.  But the acid , bisulphite and caustic soda/hypochlorite are incompatible and must be stored at least 5 meters away from each other.  Are you able to confirm this?

I was currently thinking of getting two 2x1000L IBC storage cabins to store the acid and bislphite in outside (5 meters away from each other)
and a single class 8 6x1000L IBC cabinet to store the caustic soda and hypochlorite in, and would like to have this cabinet inside the factory. (again this is going to be 5m from the other two cabinets, and separated by the outside wall of the factory) 

Does this plan sound like it will comply with worksafe/EPA requirements? are there issues regarding the IBC storage cabinet inside?  Any help/advice on this would be much appreciated.

04-Oct-2013 04:25 PM

Barry Boné

Posts: 14

Andrew, some interesting storage issues you have here.
There are some compatibility problems with these products as you have correctly identified.
Sulphuric Acid is a nasty and is incompatible with the rest of your stock.
 The Sodium Hydroxide is pretty well incompatible with everything especially aluminium so be careful what type of IBC you are using. Aluminium frames are no go for caustic soda. It will also react violently with the acid so 5 metres at this stage is a minimum. Handling and decanting will need to be managed sensibly.
 The Sodium Hypochlorite will create toxic gas in contact with acids and I wouldnt be storing it witthhe acid or the caustic. Better to keep it away (5 metres). Again extreme care required.
The Bisulphte is also acidic and at the noted concentration falls in the PG II range.

Copping this question at 4.00 on friday afternoon of a long weekend is not good timing and luckily for me I'm going away for the long weekend so you are going to have to wait until next week for my follow up. In the meantime keep it all separated. I'll have some more positive storage solutions for you next week.

Barry Boné
0428 263 482

04-Oct-2013 04:56 PM

Not Available

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No problems Barry, enjoy your long weekend, I look forward to hearing from you next week.

Interesting you should say that about the sodium hydroxide and sodium hyperchlorite, my research so far has lead me to believe they are compatible, as one is actually used to create/stabilize the other.