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Aerosol cans and LPG storage

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28-Aug-2013 04:03 PM

Barry Boné

Posts: 14


An aerosol cage is manufactured specifically for aerosol cans because, in a fire situation the little cans tend to fly around all over the place as flaming projectiles (up to 120 kph) touching off mini - fires wherever they end up. The cage prevents this. It would be acceptable to store a small LPG cylinder such as a Plumbers gas torch in a cage as it is a Class 2.1 cylinder but I wouldn't recommend any larger cylinders as they would quite possibly blow the cage apart in a fire. No, best bet is to establish a proper well ventilated depot for LPG cylinders in any quantity or sizes, such as for a forklift. 

Refer to AS4332 storage and handling of gases in cylinders for guidance on the correct methods of establishing a Gas Cylinder Depot.    

                                                                                              Hope this is helpful,                                                         Barry BonĂ© AMS (Grad) AIDGC 

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