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storage of DG class 9

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24-Jul-2013 03:06 PM


Posts: 1

Am I able to store dangerous goods class 9 (uv sealers, and paint) in the same place as waste oil? Storage will be outdoors and covered.



25-Jul-2013 01:32 PM

Barry Boné

Posts: 14

Hi Sachi,

First of all you probably have some Class 3 Flammable product there, not Class 9. You need to check the Technical Data Sheet or the Safety Data Sheet which comes with the product to determine which category of Dangerous Goods you have. Generally, paint (turps based) is a Class 3 (UN 1263 Paint Related Material PG III) and water based (acrylic) is a non dangerous good. I'm not sure about the UV sealer. It could be a Class 3 or in some cases it could be a Class 8 (if it is Part B of a mix). Again, check the SDS and follow the storage and handling instructions given in the sheet. If you don't have an SDS then go online and check against the name of the product and the supplier for an SDS.

Class 3 paint can be stored with Waste Oil however the Waste Oil will then take on the classification of the paint and become equivalent to Class 3 and the storage requirements of Class 3 will prevail. It seems like you have enough space outside and covered to achieve safe storage providing the quantities are relatively minor. If the paint is acrylic you can store it anywhere as it is not dangerous.

If the Quantities of Class 3 are small you should consider a StoreSafe Flammable Goods Cabinet for security, safety and inventory control.

Hope this is helpful.

Barry BonĂ©  AMS (Grad) AIDGC