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UN approved drum reuse

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13-Dec-2012 10:49 PM

Not Available

Posts: 1

Can UN approved drum be reuse for transporting dangerous goods?


15-Dec-2012 07:31 AM

Barry Boné

Posts: 14

A UN approved drum can be re-used for transporting Dangerous Goodsin the  following circumstances:-


The recycled drum has been purchased from an authorised drum merchant with a Certificate stating it has been properly decontaminated and cleaned (chemically neutralised and triple rinsed, etc) in accordance with the Requirements of the Australian Standard applicable to the product previously stored in the drum.

Alternatively the user can investigate the appropriate Standard/s and carry out the cleaning method himself, bearing in mind that many chemicals are incompatible and there are serious risks involved.

Disposing of the contaminated rinsate is a major problem, so, unless you have the correct legal facilities and an EPA Licence to dispose of Trade Waste, it is a far better option to give your used drums to a drum merchant and purchase certified clean drums back.


Hope this is clear and solves your query.




Barry Boné AMS (Grad) AIDGC


Accredited Dangerous Goods Consultant


17-Oct-2013 10:57 PM


Posts: 1

My understanding under UN  regulations  is that the drum can be re-used once the filler ensures initially that the drum integrity is satisfactory and that there are no indications that the drum has suffererd from any damage that will affect the usage and safety of the said package . Also for internal usage it is to be recommended that the filled product should be the same as the previously carried product .
Records of inspections and checks on re-used UN packages must be maintained by the filler .